CEIWEI Serial port monitor 10.0

CEIWEI Serial port monitor 10.0   Serial port monitoring wizard is used for RS232 / RS422 / RS485 port monitoring professional powerful system utility software. CommMonitor monitors all serial port activity in the display, log, and analysis system. This is the ideal way to track problems that may occur in applications or driver development, serial device testing, and optimization. Also provides filtering, search, data export and powerful data interception function, you can specify the port data flow, control flow information to intercept and save down for analysis purposes. Such as the port state changes (baud rate, data bits, parity bit, stop bit), blocking the uplink and downlink data, processing speed, high interception efficiency, and can be hexadecimal, ASCII characters, Full support for Unicode.

Support Net socket TCP/UDP data trans.

Support windows: WinXP, Win2003, Win7, Win2008, Win8, Win2012, Win2016, Win10, 32/64-bit system, the driver has signed, fully support 64-bit Windows system.

Language support: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English three languages.

SDK DEMO :  DelphiXE7、 VS2008/VS2012(C#,VC,VB.net) ActiveX  OCX。

10.0 update log:
1, kernel driver upgrade, add support for network functions;
2, kernel driver monitoring log millisecond time display;
3, kernel driver to increase support for large amounts of data cache;
4, kernel driver increase of dynamic encryption, in order to ensure data transmission security;
5, CommMonitor main program upgrade, support for monitoring the serial port on the remote server;
6, increase CommMonitorSvr service to start monitoring, provide network services;
7, support for monitoring the use of the serial port, you need CommMonitorSvr service start;
8, SDK OCX increase monitoring log drive serial number, process name, and remote process name;
9, SDK OCX increase TCP / UDP network connectivity;
10, SDK OCX increase network call API, network events.

CommMonitor 10.0 download: 镜像下载1    镜像下载2

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