About Us


           CEIWEI software, focusing on the development of Windows system drivers, the main business: serial filtering, TCP/UDP network, USB port, parallel port (printer) port, Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, MQTT protocol and a series of low-level filtering and monitoring technical services, providing efficient The data packet filtering monitoring analysis function, and provide secondary development SDK/DLL call.


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        About "Creating Value for Partners"

        We believe that all units and individuals that have cooperative relations with us, such as customers, suppliers, and company employees, are our own partners, and only by working hard to create value for our partners can we reflect our own value and achieve development and success.


       About "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service"

        We believe that integrity is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is the premise of solving problems, innovation is a weapon for career development, and service is the foundation of creating value.