• CEIWEI Serialport monitor 11.3

    CEIWEI CommMonitor Serial Port Monitor Wizard is a professional for RS232 / RS422 / RS485 port monitoring Powerful system utility software. CEIWEI CommMonitor monitors the display, recording and analysis of all serials in the system Port activity. This is a question that may arise during tracking application or driver development, serial device testing and optimization.

    2019/11/28 64

  • CEIWEI USB Monitor v3.23

    CEIWEI USBMonitor monitoring USB port protocol analysis software for monitoring and analyzing USB device protocols. It can intercept and record USB software programs to operate In and Out packets of USB devices. Support monitoring and analysis of USB ticket printers, USB barcode printers, USB to serial ports, etc.; using USBMonitor can effectively improve the efficiency of engineers testing and optimizing USB and application communication.

    2019/10/12 60

  • CEIWEI CommTone Serial port tools v7.1

    CEIWEI CommTone Serial pot tools, It is a powerful serial port communication debugging software, embedded with more than 100 standard CRC check functions, and supports high-low byte pre-convers

    2019/10/12 96

  • CEIWEI CheckSum tools v2.1

    CEIWEI CheckSum CRC tools, It is a general-purpose tool for cyclic hash check code CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check), MD5, SHA1, SHA2, SHA3, HAVAL, SHAKE, TIGER, BLAKE, RIPEMD, GOST and other algorithms.

    2019/10/12 49

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