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CEIWEI CommMonitor 11.0 SDK

2020-12-01 15:53:15 322

CEIWEI CommMonitorX serial port monitoring SDK

CommMonitorX serial port monitoring SDK can be embedded into your App program, so as to realize serial port analysis and debugging serial device protocol information in your App, and can intercept and record serial port program operation serial port TX, Rx Data packet, serial port setting information such as baud rate, data bit, stop bit, parity bit, etc., and can actively send the data packet you specify to the serial port to change the serial port data output. Supports monitoring and analysis of common serial devices such as physical serial ports, virtual serial ports, and USB to serial ports.

11.0 update log:

1. Support monitoring the serial port in use (opened);

2. After the first installation with administrator authority, the program can be run without administrator authority;

3. Support Chinese Unicode string decoding;

4. The SDK supports blocking the serial port from writing data packets, and can intercept and modify the written data packets, and then write them to the serial port, or you can actively write any data packets to change the serial Port data output;

5. The SDK supports the OCX/DLL calling method, please refer to the MFC-DLL/DelphiDLL Demo example for details.

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