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CEIWEI Modbus monitor 3.1

2022-03-08 16:43:41 456

     CEIWEI ModbusMonitor monitoring wizard is a practical system software for monitoring and control of Modbus (RTU/ASCII) TCP/UDP network port protocol. CEIWEI ModbusMonitor can monitor, record and analyze the Modbus protocol communication data of all TCP/UDP ports in the system; it is an ideal tool for tracking application Modbus network protocol development, network equipment testing and optimization. It also provides filtering, searching, data exporting and powerful data interception functions, which can intercept and save the data flow and control flow information of the specified network port for analysis. View the change of the network port status, intercept the upstream and downstream data, the processing speed is fast, the interception efficiency is high, and the output data can be displayed in hexadecimal, decimal, octal, and binary, and the strings can be encoded in different ways Display output, support Unicode/UTF8/UTF7 encoding and decoding of device data, and support WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8.1, Win10,Win11 operating systems, support 64/32bit Windows systems.


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The main functions of ModbusMonitor monitoring wizard:

· Support monitoring network port type: TCP/UDP port;

· It can monitor and collect Modbus 502 port data in real time;

· Support monitoring view: list view, line view, dump view, terminal view;

Support monitoring all Write/Read data streams of parallel ports;

· Support custom monitoring view data record color, time format, byte wrapping length, different byte number system display output, etc.;

Support monitoring session management: save and load all monitoring data, export and redirect to file functions;

· Support monitoring view data to export ASCII text, and support automatic redirection to file (requires enterprise version registration);

· Copy all recorded data to the clipboard (requires enterprise version registration);

· Supports data linkage display among list view, line view, and dump view.


ModbusMonitor monitoring wizard can be used to:

Monitor data transfer between TCP/UDP network port devices and any Windows App communication;

· Connect the Modbus TCP/UDP (RTU/ASCII) device between the monitoring computer App and the device;

· It can be used for network port program and hardware development and debugging;

End users of ModbusMonitor monitoring wizard

· Software programmers and testers

· Software quality control engineer

· Network Modbus protocol equipment system integrator

· Industrial control and SCADA design engineer

User usage restriction statement:

      The software CEIWEI ModbusMonitor is a tool for users to analyze and debug the network communication of their own network equipment and software with complete intellectual property rights, to detect the correctness of the network communication protocol between the equipment and the software, and to troubleshoot errors in the Modbus communication protocol; all users shall not The network and Modbus communication protocol used for illegal monitoring, cracking, and reverse analysis of third-party software (software and equipment that is not your own complete intellectual property rights). , has nothing to do with the software CEIWEI ModbusMonitor monitoring wizard.

Download:  http://www.ceiwei.com/down/CEIWEI_ModbusMonitor_20223.zip