CEIWEI Serial port monitor v12.0

CEIWEI CommMonitor Serial Port Monitor Wizard is a professional for RS232 / RS422 / RS485 port monitoring

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CEIWEI serial port monitoring is a professional and powerful system utility software for RS232/RS422/RS485 port monitoring. CEIWEI monitors, records and analyzes all serial port activities in the system; an ideal tool to track possible problems during application or driver development, serial device testing and optimization, etc. It also provides filtering, searching, data export and powerful data interception functions, which can intercept and save the data flow and control flow information of the specified port for analysis. Such as observing the change of port status (baud rate, data bit, parity bit, stop bit), intercepting the upstream and downstream data, the processing speed is fast, the interception efficiency is high, and it can be hexadecimal, decimal, and octal. , Binary display output data, string can be displayed and output in different encodings, fully support Unicode/UTF8/UTF7 encoding and decoding of device data, support Modbus protocol analysis and analysis.


11.0 Changed log

     1. Support member mobile phone number registration and login, not restricted to use computer, any computer account login, please refer to “Member Management” for details, member account function is applicable to CommMonitor serial port monitoring, USBMonitor monitoring, CommTone serial port debugging, virtual serial port and other CEIWEI software You can log in to any computer; but the same account, only one computer online at the same time.   For more information, please contact WeChat/QQ: 348677065.

     2. Support monitoring the serial port in use (opened);

     3. After the first administrator permission is installed, the program is run by non-administrator rights;

     4. Support Chinese Unicode string decoding;

     5. The SDK supports blocking the serial port from writing data packets, and can intercept the written data packets and then modify them, then write them to the serial port, or you can actively write any data packets to change the serial. Output of port data;

     6. The SDK supports OCX/DLL calling methods. For details, see the MFC-DLL/DelphiDLL Demo example.